JobKeeper Scheme – Decline in Turnover Tests – Detailed Report

by | May 7, 2020

ICGTAX is pleased to make available our 20 page report containing a detailed analysis of the Decline in Turnover tests for the Australian Government’s JobKeeper Scheme.

The Government’s intent is for JobKeeper to work

This $130 billion JobKeeper wage subsidy program is designed to keep more Australians in work and keep more businesses in business – for a quicker and stronger economic recovery post-pandemic.

A relevant decline in turnover is critical for an employer to qualify

Yet the legislated JobKeeper Rules have complexities, uncertainties and imprecision in key definitional aspects of the scheme.

Calculating a relevant decline in turnover is not intuitive and there are alternative tests to enable employers to qualify.

Having undertaken our detailed analysis, our message to employers is:

If you think your do not satisfy the test – Think Again . . . and read this report!

You can download your complimentary report here: DOWNLOAD REPORT


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